The 2017 GSFL Roundtable and Emerging Scholar Day will take place on the Fourth Floor of Building 24 on “Emil Holms Kanal 2” at the in the Faculty of Humanities at the Southern Campus of the University of Copenhagen.

Getting from the Airport to Central Copenhagen

It takes approximately 15 minutes to travel from the from Copenhagen Airport to Central Copenhagen. To get to Central Copenhagen from the Airport, you can take the train, the metro, or the bus.

  • Train: Take the Train on track 2 (in direction of Nivå st.).  The train will departure from the Airport and arrive at Hovedbanegården (Central station) and Nørreport st.
  • Metro: Take Line M2 (in direction of Vanløse st.). The Metro has several city stops including Kongens Nytorv and Nørreport st.
  • Bus: Take Bus 5A  (in direction of Husum Torv). This bus stops among other places at Hovedbanegården (Central Station), Rådhuspladsen, and Nørreport st.

You’ll find the metro- and train station in the end of Terminal 3, the arrival area. When you enter this area from the baggage area, go straight until you reach an escalator. The metro station is at the top of that escalator. If you decide to go by train, look for the exits to the train at the left and  right, right before the escalator to the metro.

Getting from Central Copenhagen to the Southern Campus of the University….

To get to the Southern Campus of Copenhagen University, there are two main public transportation options:


  • Metro: Take the M1 Line  (in direction of Vestamager) from either the Nørreport or the Kogens Nytorv metro station. Get off at the  Islands Brygge st station.  From this station, it is only a  5 minute to walk to the campus.
  • Bus: Take either Line 12 (in direction of Femøren st. or Hedegaardsvej) or Line 33 (in direction of Søvang or Rønnevej). Get off at the Islands Brygge st. (Universitetet). From this station, it is only a  5 minute to walk to the campus.