1. Each speaker will be given a full hour for his/her presentation. Within that hour, presenters have 30 minutes for their presentation; 10 minutes to take questions from the audience; and 10 minutes to discuss important questions, concerns, observations with audience members.  For this final segment of the hour, presenters may bring up issues which they would like to open to general discussion.  Examples of possible discussion points include methodological challenges, definitional questions, data-analysis strategies, and/or sociopolitical issues.  In addition, this time can also be used to discuss similarities and differences which may have become apparent during the talks presented during the Roundtable.  To help each presenter, a moderator will be present in the room at all times.
  1. Please provide informational handouts to accompany your presentation. Not only can handouts help audience members follow along during the presentation. They can also provide valuable background information such as bibliographical references which are often difficult to read in a power-point format. In addition, please do not forget to include your contact details on your handout.  There are limited reproduction facilities in the hotel.  However, to be on the safe-side, please bring the handouts with you.
  1. As not all of the Roundtable members will have English as their first/native language, native English-speakers are asked to speak a bit more slowly than they would if they were presenting to a monolingual English audience. By the same token, if your presentation includes one or more non-English languages, as a courtesy to the audience members, please be sure to provide short translations of key terminology. This information can of course be provided on your handout.
  1. Although the focus of the Roundtable is Forensic Linguistics, audience members and fellow-presenters represent a variety of different professional/academic backgrounds. For that reason, please be sure to include preliminary background information on your field to provide orientation for people outside of your immediate discipline.
  1. The conference room is equipped with all of the standard equipment for a power point presentation. To be on the safe-side, participants are asked to bring their own computers as well.
  1. If you have any special needs regarding your sight and/or hearing, please do feel free to contact Dr. Nick (mavi.yaz@web.de)  in advance so that necessary accommodations can be made.

7. Given the sensitive nature of the programme, it is NOT PERMITTED to take photographs or make audio or visual recordings of any of the presentations. This rule applies to both the entirety of the Emerging Scholars Day and the Roundtable. Selfies are included in this prohibition.  Attendees who violate this regulation will be asked to leave the permises and any and all fees paid will not be reimbursed.