This year’s GSFL Roundtable is being held in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Roskilde in Denmark.  Ranked as one of the best universities in Scandinavia, the University of Copenhagen has had 9 Nobel Prize Laureates.  The UC (or KU in Danish) has 6 different faculties and 100 research centers and departments.   Of interest to FL/FP students and scholars are the following: the Department of English, Germanic, and Romance Studies;  the Faculty of Law; and the Department of the Nordic Studies and Linguistics.  In 2016, the KU began an international cooperation between US American and Danish  Forensic Linguists which is funded by an International Network Programme grant from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Roskilde University (RUC) was originally established to “challenge academic traditions” and “experiment with new ways to create and acquire Knowledge.”  With this maverick agenda, the RUC is home to 8,000 students and 1,000 faculty members.  An deeply interdisciplinary Institution, the RUC is devoted to addressing and solving real-life problems facing the world community today and tomorrow.  An excellent example of this commitment can be found in an innovative cooperative RUC research project to investigate the challenge and promise of young Syrian refugees in Denmark and Lebanon. Other research projects of potential interest to FL/FP scholars and students include the following:  Citizenship, Participation, and BelongingCrime Prevention; Human Rights; and International Criminal Court.