For your convenience, we have compiled detailed Information on travelling to and from the airport via the subway, train, bus, and taxi.


For international guests, the easiest and most convenient option for airtravel is the Copenhagen Airport or Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup.  This airport serves all of the major international Airlines and is located in Amager, just 8km or 5miles from the center of Copenhagen.  A metro connection that takes you directly to Copenhagen is located above Terminal 3. To make things even easier, all of the metro departing from Terminal 3 go in the same direction (M2 to Vanløse Station).  So no worries about jumping on the wrong one!  During the day, the metro run ca. every 5 minutes and in the evening every 20 minutes.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from Nørreport Station in the city center to the airport.


The main railway  station is Copenhagen Central Station.  It also located right next to Terminal 3.  The trains between the airport and the city Center every 10 minutes during the day and every 25 minutes in the evening.


From the airport you can take Bus 5a to go directly to the Copenhagen Central Station, and the City Hall Square.  The trip between the Copenhagen Airport and the Central Station takes ca. 40 minutes.  Buses run about every 10 minutes during the day.  Bus service continues throughout the evening but is far less frequent.  Check the local time tables to be sure when the next ride is coming.  One word of caution: bus drivers will only accept coins.


There are taxis located at Terminals 1 and 3 of the Copenhagen Airport.  It should take ca. 35 minutes to travel between the Copenhagen Airport and the center of town, depending on the flow of traffic.  The price for a one-way trip should be between 250 and 300 DKK.


If you are planning to do a bit of sight-seeing during your stay, you might find it cost effective to invest in a CityPass which gives you unlimited travel on buses, trains, and the Metro within zones 1 through 4 in Copenhagen.  A 24 hour CityPass costs ca. 80 DKK for adults.  The 72 hour CityPass costs 200 DKK. The CityPass can be purchased at the Copenhagen Airport.  Another option is the Copenhagen Card which gives you not only unlimted travel on all public transport within the Capital Region of Denmark; but also free entrance to more than 72 Major attractions and Museums as well as discounts for many restaurants, car rental companies, and more.

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