What is the Emerging Scholars’ Day?

To encourage continuing interest in the forensic investigation and application of language, every year the GSFL holds a special one-day event for emerging scholars.  The “Emerging Scholars’ Day” is traditionally held on the first day of the GSFL Roundtable.  During this event, attendees have the opportunity to take part in a number of intensive workshops and courses offered by an international Team of established scholars and practitioners from the areas of linguistics, law, and law enforcement.

Although the topics addressed during the ESD are quite serious, the atmosphere is relaxed and collegial.  This welcoming environment is one of the hallmarks of not only the ESD, but of the GSFL as a whole.  It is our fervent belief that respect and kindness are not simply a matter of common courtesy.  They are essential to providing a solid foundation for the production of honest, critical, ethical, responsible, and innovative research.  Professionals working within the forensic community are often exposed to the worst of human society.  For that reason, it is critical that we exhibit the highest moral and professional standards.  This philosophical approach is one of the reasons why the ESD was created.  To offer the next generation of scholars and practitioners a welcoming and respectful environment in which long-lasting, productive, and constructive professional ties can be forged.  Towards this end, the ESD traditionally ends with an informal dinner where participants have a chance to get to know one another and share their ideas.

Recent Topics and Guest Speakers

Biography and Authorship Analysis by Dr. Robert Leonard, Hofstra University, USA

Networking and Data Collection by Dr. Jennifer Glougie, University of British Columbia, Canada

The History of Voice Recognition by Dr. Gea de Jong-Lendle, University of Marburg, Germany

Studying and Working as an FL/FP Expert in a University Setting by Dr. Ria Perkins, Aston University, England

Working as an FL/FP Expert with German Law Enforcement by Dr. Michael Jessen, Bundeskriminalamt, Germany

Working as an FL/FP Expert within UK Law Enforcement by Dr. Dominic Watt, University of York, England.


How do I sign up?

Please note that space for this event is very limited.  Space will therefore be allocated on a first-come first served basis.  In addition, given the graphic nature of the subject matter covered during the ESD, all registrants must be at least 18 years or older.  If you would like to learn more about the 2017ESD, please contact our Senior Student Liason.

If you are interested in signing-up for the Emerging Scholars’ Day 2017, simply complete the .